Thursday, January 6, 2011

On the Road to Recovery...with Patience, Strength, & Courage

(from Holly's Mom)....Hollys surgery for Superior Canal Dehiscence was on Monday. She is still in ICU. The surgery went well but it is difficult to tell how successful it was as the symptoms go away gradually as her skull/brain/ear heal. The surgeons used a composite of ground bone and wax compound to plug the dehiscence and a type of cement wall used between the canal and brain. The extreme vertigo and pain she is experiencing is typical for this type of surgery. One of the first things she said when she awoke was 'I don't hear my eyeballs swish anymore'. Great sign! She is in good spirits and very alert and lucid. She has her husband Chad at her side 24/7. He has been a tower of strength for her thru all of this. I told him he needs to go walk a few miles outside the hospital everyday just to decompress from the strain of being there all the time, as I was with granddaughter Lucy in Childrens Hospital out west for many many days in a row which gets to be exhausting. Are you reading this Chad????? You better. Walking clears your head and gives you a better outlook to deal with stressful circumstances. I will take Cade for a walk with me tomorrow before school. Chads mom Renee has baby Trace and Mya. I am staying at Holly and Chads with Kalista and Cade who are cuddled up on mum and dads king sized bed. I'm climbing in with them in a few minutes! Through all, we feel God has been carrying our Holly and family every step of the way. We are truly blessed for freinds and family who have prayed and helped strengthen our faith along this trying journey. Pleased continue to keep us in prayers as we still need strength. Frank and I are needed more than ever now, to help take over the household with the children, and especially when Holly comes home, as she will have many restrictions for a long while, such as no exertion or picking up baby for 3 weeks at least. So thank you all, Love Kathi and Frank

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